Quentin Fillon Maillet can count himself lucky.

If the Olympic champion lands at home, the security at Paris airport already knows what a medal looks like.

That has advantages.

One would think that these x-ray devices and the specialists crouching behind them could distinguish a silver medal from a bomb.

Not even close.

That's why the French are lucky that their compatriots were able to practice on Katharina Althaus.

The decorated German ski jumper was frisked in Paris on her way back from Beijing that she missed her connecting flight and her medal box was damaged.

We suspect behind the meticulously carried out action intention rather than dilettantism, the inspector definitely wanted to apply as a suit inspector at the world association FIS.

The spot would be

Holger Apple

Editor in business, responsible for “Technology and Engine”.

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Something embarrassing like this would never happen at Frankfurt Airport, where the team from the operator Fraport proves to be a role model of competence.

Or, as a slightly agitated gentleman at the foot of the airplane steps puts it: as a full post.

Which we expressly disapprove of as an expression.

Well, the ground handlers were surprised that they're supposed to ground a plane.

That the same has landed.

That it then rolls to the gate.

Parked there at a passenger boarding bridge, commonly known as a finger.

Over which no passenger can bridge into the terminal because no one puts their finger out.

Why a staircase would have to be rolled onto the plane.

which is not there.

Like a bus that is supposed to drop off passengers after a tour at the terminal, which they could have walked into long ago.

No bridge, no stairs, no bus.

Then just a flight of stairs at the back.

The all-for-this-moment premium customer sits in front.

He can leave the Lufthansa Airbus after just twenty minutes.

Fraport is looking for hundreds of employees, they say.

Hopefully air traffic will not pick up again before then.