Including Porsche, Lamborghini and Bentley.. a fire devours hundreds of luxury cars

A huge cargo ship was on its way from Europe to the United States, carrying about 3,000 modern cars on board, and a report by Al-Hurra channel said that the ship was carrying 3,965 vehicles bound for the United States, including about 1,100 Porsche cars and 189 Bentleys. New cars, and an unknown number of Lamborghini cars, which was confirmed by several spokespeople for those brands in the United States.

The ship caught fire more than a thousand miles off the coast of Portugal, while its 22 crew members were safely evacuated by other ships, including those of the Portuguese Navy.

The cargo ship left the German port of Emden on February 10, and was scheduled to arrive at the port of Davisville, Rhode Island, USA, on February 23.