As the number of confirmed cases increases rapidly, many people are looking for self-test kits these days.

But even if you go to a pharmacy or a convenience store, it is not easy to buy it.

The government says the production volume is sufficient, but medical reporter Cho Dong-chan reported why the site is different.

<Reporter> The

government also banned online sales to resolve the shortage of corona self-test kits, but it is still difficult to obtain.

[Pharmacist: It continues to be out of stock.

Because the supply is not good.]

The monthly production in Korea is 470 million pieces, mostly domestic supply, so why is there not enough?

This is a domestic self-inspector kit production document prepared by a manufacturer.

For general use by individuals, 8 companies produce 220 million pieces a month, and for professionals used in hospitals, 22 companies produce 250 million pieces a month.

I thought it would be used equally for general use and professional use, but as I was mainly looking for general use, the general use was a hat, and the professional use was left behind.

This is for general use and this is for professional use. Each company has different inspection devices, but if it is the same company, there is no difference between general use and professional use.

The production cost is the same, the only difference is the length of the cotton swab, which is only twice as long for professionals.

[Seo In-beom/Department of Laboratory Medicine, Korea Clinical Medical Center: Samples are collected from deep inside the nose (for experts), and from the outside (for general use), there is little difference compared to PCR.]

Just change the cotton swab to a shorter one and you can use the professional one for the general one.

The problem is that the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety must change it after obtaining a separate permission.

[Diagnostic kit company: (Is it possible to change all spare parts for professional use to personal use?) It is possible if (the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety) permits change.]

Persons from the quarantine authorities will have to look at the possibility that professional use will not be enough, but He announced that he would consider a plan to temporarily shift the professional version to general use.

(Video editing: Kim Kyung-yeon, VJ: Oh Se-gwan)