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dog owner in his 80s has been sentenced to prison for not leashing his dog properly and causing harm to other people several times.

As such accidents have followed, the leash regulations have recently changed, as reported by reporter Shin Jeong-eun.


A woman in her 80s who has several dogs.

In January of last year, one of two dogs she took to the bathhouse without a leash bit the bathhouse owner's foot.

A month later, after going out with another dog, he saw the dog leaving the house and left it alone, eventually biting the leg of a man in his 50s on the street. In April, another dog ran out of the house and bit a passerby.

When she went out, she didn't hold her on her leash herself, and only tied her leash between her dogs, causing a person to trip over the leash, resulting in a '3 weeks displaced' diagnosis.

On the 18th, the court sentenced A to 6 months in prison and a fine of 4 million won to Mr.

She was charged with violating the Animal Protection Act and negligently hurting her.

The judge explained why she was sentenced to prison, saying she had a history of being punished multiple times for similar crimes, and that her victims had never been forgiven.

More than 2,000 people are injured in dog bite accidents like this every year.

A leash and chest leash are essential to prevent accidents.

With the revision of the Enforcement Rules of the Animal Protection Act from the 11th, the related regulations have also changed.

The original rule said, 'a way that does not threaten or harm others', but this is very vague.

So, it was set to just 2m.

Even if the rope is more than 2m long or semi-automatic, the distance must be kept within 2m by grabbing the middle of the rope.

The first violation will result in a fine of 200,000 won, the second 300,000 won, and the third offense 500,000 won.

In the age of 15 million companion animals, it is most important to manage and guard yourself so that there is no inconvenience or damage around you as much as you love your own animals.

(Video coverage: Kim Tae-hoon, video editing: Park Ki-duk, CG: Kang Kyung-rim)