<Anchor> As the number of

confirmed cases surged, the number of patients being treated at home also exceeded 300,000.

Although it is called home treatment, many patients who actually have to manage their own health are still confused. 

Reporter Park Soo-jin heard the voice of the scene.

<Reporter> This

is the home treatment counseling center of Gyeonggi Medical Center Suwon Hospital.

About 450 people in the high-risk intensive care group are called twice a day to check their health.

[Nurse in charge of intensive care group: The larger number is the oxygen saturation level, so it only needs to be 95 or higher.

If it goes below 95 by any chance, please contact us immediately.] We

are also in charge of general patient counseling.

At the hospital, 48 nurses are in charge of telephone consultations for home care patients.

One person is doing more than 80 phone consultations on average a day, and as the number of confirmed cases increases, the number of phone consultations continues to increase.

There are also numerous complaints calls.

[Lee Jeong-heum/Nurse in charge of general management group: Usually, we contacted us as soon as we were confirmed.

He said that he had not received any contact from the public health center...


There are cases where the registration or classification of confirmed cases at the public health center is delayed, and the treatment time is missed.

[Lee Su-jeong/Head nurse in charge of home treatment: It’s already all ill, and after that, we call too many times.]

[Kim Deok-won/Director of Suwon Hospital, Gyeonggi Medical Center: In fact, cases of serious patients are omitted, so pneumonia is found (come to the outpatient center) or hospitalization is recommended.]

Neighborhood hospitals and clinics with less manpower It's hard.

[Oh Jae-guk / Director of Otolaryngology: The system has to be made according to the system, the phone has to be made according to the phone, and the treatment has to be done according to the medical treatment, so it is really difficult.]

One week after the implementation of the new home treatment system, it is urgent to prepare supplementary measures to cope with the explosion of confirmed cases