Today (4th), the 25th day after the apartment collapse in Gwangju, two additional missing persons were recovered. Now at the scene, of the six people who lost contact at the time of the accident, the last two are being searched and rescued.

This is KBC reporter Shin Min-ji.


At around 5:54 pm today, one missing person was recovered from the 28th floor of Hwajeong I-Park in Gwangju.

It has been 6 hours and 40 minutes since the location was confirmed near the main room of Line 2 on the 28th floor around 11:10 am.

[Kor Min-ja / Gwangju Emergency Rescue Control Group: As the paramedics confirmed on the spot, unfortunately, it is estimated that he is dead

. Another missing person was found dead in the bedroom and was rescued.

It has been ten days since the location was confirmed.

With this, the third and fourth missing persons were recovered today following the collection of the bodies of two missing persons on the 14th and 31st of last month.

Now, there are two missing persons, one whose location was confirmed on the 26th floor on February 1st and one who has not yet been located.

[Kim Bu-gyeom/Prime Minister: I will thoroughly investigate why accidents like this are inevitable and what kind of problem is causing this in the field.]

Rescue authorities have decided to continue the night-and-night search to get the remaining missing people back to their families as soon as possible.

(Video coverage: Na Byeong-wook KBC)