Former lawmaker Kwak Sang-do was arrested last night (the 4th).

The court said that the allegations brought against Kwak, including receiving billions of won from developers in Daejang-dong in the name of his son's severance pay, have been clarified.

Reporter Son Hyung-an on the sidewalk.


Former lawmaker Kwak Sang-do, whose arrest warrant was dismissed once in December of last year.

The court issued a second arrest warrant requested by the prosecution after a reinforcement investigation.

The court explained the reason for issuing the warrant, saying, "The major crime charges have been clarified, and there is a risk of destroying evidence."

Prosecutors charged that former lawmaker Kwak received 2.5 billion won after tax in the name of his son's severance pay in exchange for influencing Hana Bank to remain in the Hwacheon Daewoo consortium at the request of Kim Man-bae, the major shareholder of Hwacheon Daeyu.

He was also charged with receiving 50 million won in illegal political funds from lawyer Nam Wook around the time of the general election in April 2016.

The transcript of accountant Jeong Young-hak released earlier included a passage in which Mr. Kim Man-bae revealed to accountant Jeong, "Former Rep. Kwak asked for money through his son."

Former lawmaker Kwak has consistently denied the allegations, but the court acknowledged the need for arrest.

[Kwak Sang-do / Former member of the National Assembly (Yesterday): There is a high possibility that the lobby was exercised.

This is what the prosecution is saying.

But is it possible to arrest people with the possibility?]

The so-called '5 billion club' in the transcript of accountant Jeong

It is noteworthy whether the arrest of former member Kwak will give momentum to the investigation into other suspects of the 5 billion club.