On the morning of the 29th, the first day of the Lunar New Year holiday, and Saturday, major highways across the country are congested in various places.

According to the Korea Expressway Corporation, as of 8 a.m., cars are moving slowly in the Busan direction on the Gyeongbu Expressway in a total of 48 km, including Banpo-Seocho, Osan, Namsa-Anseong, and Manghyang Rest Area-Oksan Junction.

In the direction of Mokpo on the Seohaean Expressway, congestion is forming in the 9km section from Paltan Junction to Hwaseong Service Area, and from Seopyeongtaek to Seohae Bridge.

In the Nami direction of the Jungbu Expressway, cars are walking turtles in a total of 19km sections, including Hobeop Junction ~ Namicheon IC, Daeso Junction ~ Jincheon, and Jincheon Terminal.

Today's nationwide traffic volume is 4.76 million, of which 450,000 are expected to move from the metropolitan area to the province and 370,000 from the province to the metropolitan area.

The Road Corporation predicted, "It is the first day of the Lunar New Year holiday, and the direction to return will be the busiest during the holiday period."

The congestion on the way home is expected to peak at 11-12 pm today and will be resolved at 7-8 pm.

It takes Busan 6 hours 50 minutes, Gwangju 5 hours 20 minutes, Ulsan 6 hours 30 minutes, Daegu 5 hours 50 minutes, Daejeon 3 hours 20 minutes, Gangneung 3 hours from the Seoul tollgate at 9:00 am by car. 40 minutes.