Apple achieved a turnover of 123.9 billion dollars from October to December 2021. A score well above market expectations (119 billion), and this despite a shortage of components which affects many industries, tech on your mind.

Smartphone sales topped $71 billion on strong demand for the iPhone 13 lineup. Luca Maestri, chief financial officer of the group, in a press release published on Thursday.

Little affected by the shortage

Apple now has 1.8 billion devices in use worldwide.

Its results were highly anticipated, especially in light of the global shortage of semiconductors linked to the Covid-19 pandemic.

40 million iPhones were sold during the holidays, a "record number" given the supply difficulties, according to a Wedbush analyst.

Apple had to lower its production targets for the end of 2021, in particular for its new iPhone 13 range. In October, Tim Cook indicated that supply problems could cost $ 6 billion in income to the business.

The CEO seems more optimistic, having recently told 


 that the difficulties would be "less" now.

Smartphones and services on the rise

Apple's market share in the United States should remain the same (47%).

But the popularity of the iPhone has taken off in China, allowing the Californian giant to once again become the country's leading smartphone seller, a first in six years.

iPhones accounted for 23% of this market in the last quarter, despite a decline in smartphone sales in the country (-9% year-on-year).

On the services side, its second activity in terms of income, Apple recorded 19.5 billion dollars in revenue, a jump of 24% over one year.

For 2022, analysts predict user growth of 3% for Apple Music, 7.5% for Apple Pay and 9.7% for Apple TV+.

"We believe that the services branch will have a valuation of 1.500 billion dollars", indicated the analyst of Wedbush.

“This annual revenue stream of some $75 billion shows no signs of slowing down.


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