Today (28th), the eve of the Lunar New Year holiday, it seems that highways across the country will be more crowded than usual on weekends as cars from work early and cars returning home are mixed.

According to the Korea Expressway Corporation, today's nationwide traffic volume is 4.97 million, 460,000 vehicles from the metropolitan area to the provinces, and 450,000 vehicles from the provinces to the metropolitan area.

The congestion on the way home is expected to peak around 6-7 pm, and will be resolved around 9-10 pm.

From the 12 noon tollgate departure, the travel time from Seoul to provincial cities is Busan 5 hours 10 minutes, Ulsan 4 hours 40 minutes, Gangneung 2 hours 40 minutes, Daejeon 1 hour 50 minutes, Gwangju 3 hours 40 minutes, Daegu 4 hours 10 minutes no see.