What do motorcyclists do in winter? Nothing. Gone are the days when you were out and about in wind and weather, even in snow. And let's be honest, it was more out of necessity, we were young, and it wasn't even a motorcycle, but a two-wheeler of the now forgotten "Mokick" class, a Zündapp GTS 50. It also drove faster than 55 km/h not with a little tutoring. It was still frosty, the winters in the mid-1970s were probably a bit colder than today. Mother bought ski underwear and luckily it was only ten kilometers to school. Nevertheless, the goal was mostly reached coldly, the ski underwear shouldn't have stayed in the closet after all.

It was two unforgettable winters before the Zündapp became an Opel. It never occurred to us at the time that we were privileged, although hardly any of our classmates had their own car. On the contrary, we eyed our comrade with his BMW R 90 S with envy. He always drove the fat two-cylinder, even in winter. Of course, the seasonal license plate was far from invented. And probably the youth of that time were tougher. At least part of it.

Today you hardly ever see a motorcyclist in winter, unless in the city, only a few scooters are out all year round.

Does the winter meeting in Thurmansbang in the Bavarian Forest still exist?

In principle yes, but Corona also prevents it in 2022. It should take place again at the end of January 2023.

Then we'll finally go there, on a motorbike of course. Until then we'll practice impatient anticipation.

Unfortunately, the Guzzi in the garage can only be used again in March.

Stop seasonal license plate.