It has become customary for influencers to be paid for their work on social networks, which has allowed, over the years, that their activity has become a real profession.

However, TikTok, which pays money to its creators recently, does not seem to apply the same rules as other applications, while it is extremely popular and brings together more than a billion Internet users.

Mr Beast is a popular American TikTokeur.

Indeed, with his 32 million subscribers and the billions of views of his videos, the videographer is surprised by the income he receives and does not hesitate to share them on Twitter.

Income not proportional to views

He announces that he has received around $ 15,000 since the start of the remuneration on TikTok, in April 2021. If the sum may seem high, it is in fact very inconsistent with the audience of Mr Beast, especially if the 'we compare with the income generated on other social networks.

A few days ago, Hank Green made the same observation on his YouTube channel: he estimates that the average income of a TikTokeur amounts to less than a dollar a day and 2.2 cents for 1,000 views.

How the Creator Fund works

On TikTok, videographers are paid through the Creator Fund, intended only for creators who have accumulated more than 100,000 views in the last 30 days.

From this condition, many accounts are already excluded, while YouTube, for example, is less demanding in terms of a channel's eligibility for monetization.

In addition, TikTok explained that "the funds that each creator will receive will be calculated according to the number of views, the authenticity of these views, the rate of engagement on the contents, and on the respect of the conditions of use of the platform.

The total will change daily, and will be dependent on the total number posted that day by the community, meaning it will fluctuate based on the amount of content posted.

There is therefore no precise rule as to monetization.

Especially since the social network seems to have set a total budget of 200 million dollars to be paid to videographers over the next three years.

This budget could be revised upwards but absolutely does not correspond to the phenomenal success of the application.

Despite the particular operation of the Creator Fund, TikTok reminds that other remuneration is possible, in particular partnerships with brands, which is done very frequently on all applications.

Perhaps the resolution will be found in an option that TikTok seems to be considering: a paid Premium version for subscribers, giving them access to more content and valuing the work of creators more.

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