A man in his 50s has been sentenced to prison for habitually driving marijuana around the daycare center and driving in a hallucinatory state.

Incheon District Court Criminal Division 15 (Judge Lee Kyu-hoon) sentenced a 53-year-old man A (53) to two years in prison on charges of marijuana and psychotropic substances under the Narcotics Management Act today (27th), completing 40 hours of rehabilitation education program and receiving 1,000 We also ordered a fine of 3,045,000 won.

Person A was charged with growing hemp in the backyard of a daycare center in Michuhol-gu, Incheon between May 2020 and February of last year, and in a park in Namdong-gu, Incheon, and then giving it to acquaintances a total of eight times.

He is also charged with smoking hemp purchased from January to March last year on a total of 13 occasions.

In particular, to avoid crackdowns, Mr. A brought hemp pots to the backyard and rooftop of the daycare center run by his mother in his 80s, as well as to the hallway in front of the director's office, and deceived the mother, the director, that it was a common flower.

The court ruled that "Mr. A had a history of being sentenced to probation in 2013 for smoking marijuana, etc., and severe punishment is necessary, especially for growing marijuana at a daycare center."