Katarzyna Kobro would have been 124 years old on Wednesday.

For the occasion, Google has decided to pay tribute to the Russian artist in its doodle of the day.

The sculptor, emblematic of the constructivist movement, was born in Moscow (Russia) in 1898.

Katarzyna Kobro became interested in art and science at a very young age.

In 1917, she enrolled in the Moscow School of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture.

The various meetings made there participated in the development of his style, says Google on his blog.

#OnThisDay 124 years ago Katarzyna Kobro, a Polish avant-garde sculptor & art theoretician, was born.

Her geometric sculptures integrated early 20th-century scientific advancements, reshaping the European approach to abstract art 🎨#GoogleDoodle → https://t.co/X0pOSmAdIs pic.twitter.com/soHfLlA1ro

— Google Doodles (@GoogleDoodles) January 26, 2022

Art and science hand in hand

His first sculpture saw the light of day in 1920. Titled

Tos 75 – Struktura

, it is made of metal, wood, glass and cork.

But it was in Poland, where she later settled, that Katarzyna Kobro created her most famous works, such as her series of sculptures

Kompozycja Przestrzenna

 (Space Compositions), designed between 1925 and 1933.

In 1931 Katarzyna Kobro published a book of artistic philosophy,

Composition of Space: Calculations of Space-Time Rhythm

, with her husband Władysław Strzemiński.

Five years later, she co-signed the "Dimensionist Manifesto", which demanded that scientific advances be taken into account in the art world.

Katarzyna Kobro died on February 21, 1951 in Lodz (Poland).

This is where she is buried, alongside her daughter who died in 2001. In the middle of the 20th century, the restorations of her works aroused new enthusiasm.

Several pieces can be seen in Lodz, but also at the Museum of Modern Art in New York (MoMA), in the “Collection 1940-1970” exhibition.


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