465 days: this is the exceptional lifespan of a bubble developed by scientists.

This is a world record, with traditional soap bubbles only having an average lifespan of a few minutes, reports



The objective of this experiment, conducted by researchers from the University of Lille (Nord), was to create a bubble capable of withstanding more than a year in the air.

The results of their experiment were published Jan. 18 in the journal 

Physical Review Fluids


A protective shell around the bubble

The goal is to eventually create stable foams for medical and commercial purposes.

It would thus be useful to "shield small droplets of aerosols and sprays to make them last longer in the air", explains an American researcher quoted by 



This technique could also be deployed for drugs administered by spraying or breathing.

The Lille researchers have modified the structure of the famous bubble endowed with exceptional longevity.

This consisted of a "composite liquid film" composed of layers of plastic particles, glycerol and water.

In addition, it is more of a gas ball than a classic soap bubble, the researchers said.

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