Last weekend, the Bears Town Ski Resort in Pocheon, Gyeonggi-do, where the lift accident occurred, underwent a safety check three months ago. At this time, it was evaluated that there was no problem with the lift, but when we covered it, there were many loopholes in the safety diagnosis at the time.

Reporter Son Hyeong-an covered the story.


Six days before the accident, the lift suddenly stopped at the Bears Town Ski Resort in Pocheon, Gyeonggi-do, where the lift ran in reverse on the 22nd and injured one after another.

However, this ski resort was judged suitable in the safety inspection by the Transportation Safety Authority last October.

An official from the industrial complex told SBS reporters that it is difficult to accurately identify the defect in the reducer, which was pointed out as the cause of the lift's reverse running, with the current inspection method.

The official said, "The current frequency analysis method does not catch micro-defects in the reducer and there are no mandatory regulations to disassemble parts." "We are preparing to improve the system with the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport."

Another problem is that maintenance according to the safety check is carried out according to the manual created by the lift manufacturer.

The Corporation said that some companies do not conduct the inspection themselves, which should be done voluntarily.

When the joint investigation began at the scene of the accident, the police and the National Forensic Service officials disassembled and collected the speed reducer, which was a clue to the cause of the accident.

[Na Tae-gyun / Pocheon Police Station Criminal Division Manager: I did (forensics) to accurately check whether there is a problem with the parts (related to the reducer), but it was difficult to check on the spot, so the National Forensic Service collected (parts) and collected them for detailed analysis. The

police also called the ski resort officials and victims to receive a statement about the accident situation at the time.