The Ministry of Education said that it was found that the doctoral dissertation review process and adjunct professor recruitment process were not appropriate as a result of an audit of the allegations raised by Kookmin University regarding Kim Gun-hee, wife of the presidential candidate Yoon Seok-yeol.

The Ministry of Education conducted an audit on the allegations raised in the state audit last year. As a result, in the process of reviewing Mr. Kim's doctoral thesis, contrary to the regulations, one full-time lecturer was included in the judges, and in the process of hiring an adjunct professor, an interview was conducted because he was from the same university. He said that it was also revealed that he had incorrectly stated his academic background and career in the application form.

Regarding Deutsche Motors stock, it was confirmed that it had signed an investment advisory contract with an unqualified person, paid advisory fees, etc.

In relation to corporate property management, the Ministry of Education said it would demand a warning to the president and severe punishment of the head of the business division from Kookmin Academy, a school corporation, and request the police to investigate allegations of breach of trust and embezzlement.

In addition, in relation to the inappropriateness of the thesis review and faculty recruitment process, we have decided to demand attention and warning from those involved, and to issue a warning to Kookmin University.

Regarding Mr. Kun-hee Kim, he said that if false information is found in the application, he will demand that he take necessary measures in accordance with the regulations of Kookmin University that his appointment will be canceled as of the date of issuance.

The Ministry of Education announced that in the future, the Higher Education Act will provide a basis for dismissal of non-full-time faculty members when they are appointed by fraudulent methods such as false career information, and amend the education officer appointment ordinance to strengthen the verification of the academic background and experience of hiring candidates.