Let's take a closer look at the corona news with medical reporter Cho Dong-chan.

Q. Omicron Endemic, Corona Escape?

[Cho Dong-chan / Medical reporter (specialist): Yesterday (24th), the European Director of the World Health Organization announced that Omicron provides reasonable hope for a return to daily life.

The Ministry of Health and Welfare spokesperson's 'expectation for herd immunity' remarks probably quoted this because of the analysis that Omicron will become an endemic disease like the flu, that is, endemic.

The title is that an endemic does not mean there is no harm. There are also endemics such as the common cold, but malaria, which killed 600,000 people in 2020, is also an endemic, and tuberculosis, which kills 1.5 million people every year, is also an endemic.

We think we can hope for a less dangerous endemic when we do our best to respond to Omicron with these weapons, such as vaccines, treatments, and masks.]

Q. A quick peak, a quick end?

[Cho Dong-chan / Medical reporter (specialist): There are countries where this has passed in a short time, but if it explodes in a short time, social and economic damage is bound to be high, like a tsunami.

In other countries, it took about a month to reach the peak, but in Korea, it seems to be going a little slower.

There is also a prospect that it will go slower for one more month or two more months at the earliest.]

Q. Loose quarantine?

[Cho Dong-chan / Medical reporter (specialist): Yes, you may feel that way, but this is not to loosen up, but to do it efficiently.

Because if the number of confirmed cases increases, there will be more high-risk patients over the age of 60, so we should focus on this. Omicron is highly contagious from 2 days before symptoms appear to 3 days after symptoms, but it does not disappear after that.

The 7-day quarantine period was chosen probabilistically.

So, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is recommending that wearing a mask well for three more days after the quarantine is lifted can increase the chance of not getting an infection?

Also, for those who have not been vaccinated for medical reasons, Omicron is by no means easy.

Diagnosis and medication should be made promptly for these people.]

Q. Can't 'fever test' detect Omicron?

[Cho Dong-chan / Medical reporter (specialist): Yes.

The Royal University of England announced five typical symptoms through Omicron big data analysis.

Runny nose, headache, tiredness, sneezing, sore throat.

The heat is out here.

About half of Omicron's patients develop a fever.

So, a fever test could miss half of Omicron's patients.

Even if it seems like a mild cold, it can be omicron, so you have to be careful, such as wearing a mask when you come in contact with others.]