Since the beginning of the year, a new game has caused a sensation on social networks: Wordle.

Like Motus, it offers players six attempts to guess the five-letter word of the day (in English).

While many players share their results grid every day, a bot has recently emerged on Twitter to ruin their lives.

The anonymous account has only one function: to spoil the word of the next day for all those who share their score, reports



Note: if you like tweeting your wordIe scores, someone's made a bot you should block as it auto-responds with tomorrows answer

— dan nguyen (@dancow) January 24, 2022

"End the bragging"

Called "Wordlinator", the automated account was banned on Monday by Twitter, probably for sending too many unsolicited messages to users.

Messages that are also quite aggressive: “No one cares about your mediocre linguistic experiences.

To teach you a lesson, here is the word of tomorrow: XXXXX.


In the account description, the creator of the bot displayed his intentions: "I was sent from the future to end the bragging around Wordle".

To predict the word of the next day, its designer would have based himself on the work of an engineer, who published on his blog on January 9 the results of his reverse engineering of the application.

This isn't the first time a bot has been used to cause havoc.

In 2020, a Belgian, for example, created a Tinder bot allowing him to manage 200 automatic conversations simultaneously with users.

Bots are also increasingly used in scams, as was the case last October with a Telegram bot that created fake bank calls.

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