A former Jeju police officer who received money in exchange for informing the owner of an entertainment pub about information on crackdowns related to COVID-19 has been handed over to trial. 

The Jeju District Prosecutor's Office announced on the 25th (today) that they had indicted without detention a former Inspector at the Jeju Western Police Station on charges of accepting money (bribery, leaking official secrets) in exchange for providing information on police crackdown related to COVID-19 to an entertainment business owner.

From 2020 to the beginning of last year, Mr. A informed Mr. B, the owner of an entertainment establishment, which he had known, information on police crackdowns related to COVID-19 and the status of 112 reports to the establishment operated by Mr. B, and received millions of won in return. . 

Accordingly, in June of last year, the Jeju Police Agency's anti-corruption and economic crime investigation team applied for an arrest warrant for Inspector A, but the Jeju Court dismissed the request saying, "Inspector A confessed, the crime was clarified, and there is no fear of escaping." 

Finally, in December of last year, the police held a disciplinary committee for Mr. A and decided to dismiss him. 

According to the Civil Service Act, the highest level of disciplinary action among the severe disciplinary measures such as dismissal, dismissal, demotion, and suspension, and light disciplinary action such as reduction of wages and reprimands.

According to the Civil Service Pension Act, retirement benefits such as retirement pensions and allowances may also be reduced by up to 50%. 

Previously, the National Police Agency announced the 'mid- and long-term anti-corruption plan' last year and strengthened the 'corruption one-strike-out' system.

The scope of the 'one-strike-out system', which was previously applied only to corruption, such as bribery, was expanded to include inquiries about cases. 

This system confiscates corruption proceeds from corrupt actors and restricts the assignment of positions such as investigations even if caught only once. 

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(Photo = Yonhap News TV capture, Yonhap News)