A man sitting in a caring seat for pregnant women on the subway has been criticized online after posting that he was proud that he did not leave his seat to the pregnant woman.

Recently, an article titled 'I was really proud of today' was posted on an online community.

In the photo released along with the harshly swearing text, the man presumed to be the author is sitting in a pink-marked maternity seat on the floor, and a female passenger with a pregnant woman badge on her bag is standing right in front of her.

The post quickly spread online, drawing outrage from netizens.

Reactions mixed with anger followed, such as 'Are you posting this as a brag?'

The caring seat for pregnant women was introduced to city buses in Seoul in 2009 and subways in 2013, and has since spread across the country.

Since 2015, the seats, backrests, and floors have been changed to pink for seat classification and attention, but there are still constant complaints about the lack of consideration for pregnant women.