A study showed that Pfizer and Biontech's COVID-19 vaccine booster shot had a strong protective effect on Omicron strains for 4 months after vaccination.

According to the Washington Post (WP) on the 24th (local time), researchers at the University of Texas Medical School, Pfizer, and BioNtech obtained these results through the investigation of the vaccinated serum samples and neutralization experiments.

This paper has not yet been peer-reviewed or published formally in a journal.

Studies have shown that Pfizer Boostershots increase the strength of neutralizing Omicrons.

Although antibody levels decreased slightly over time, high levels of omicron protection persisted even at 4 months of inoculation.

This study has not been conducted to determine whether Omicron can be neutralized even after 4 months of inoculation with BoosterShot.

In the meantime, there have been concerns that even a second dose of Pfizer's vaccine will not be sufficient to protect against Omicron.

However, it is known that there is a severe protective effect in this case.

The study authors said additional data and laboratory studies will reveal further data and laboratory studies on the duration of protection, booster doses and the need for an Omicron-specific vaccine.

"The big question with the booster shot was how quickly the protective effect wore off," the WP said. "This study suggests that a fourth dose may not be necessary right away."