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A 40-year-old woman who tried to stab and kill her violent husband while arguing over a family matter has been sentenced to probation in prison.

The 13th Criminal Division of the Incheon District Court announced today (24th) that A (44), who was charged with attempted murder, was sentenced to 2 years and 6 months in prison and 3 years of probation.

She also ordered Mr. A to do 80 hours of community service with one year of probation.

At about 10:50 pm on October 9, last year, at her home in Bupyeong-gu, Incheon, Mr. A was put on trial for trying to kill her husband, Mr. B, by stabbing him with a knife.

Mr. A was arguing over a family matter, and was beaten by her husband, Mr. B, in the face 6 times and kicking the stomach with her feet.

She said, "If I get hit more, I will die." After she called 112, Mr. A raised a weapon to defend her husband, and Mr. B, who said, "I can't even stab," took the medicine.

Mr. A was outraged at her husband's words to stab her and stabbed her once with a knife, and was caught by the dispatched police in the meantime.

He claimed in court that "he stabbed her husband with a knife, but there was no intent to kill."

However, the court judged that at the time of the crime, Mr. A was aware of the fact that the victim could die by looking at the material and shape of her weapon.

The court said, "The defendant was willing to bear even if the victim suffered fatal injuries. The defendant also blocked a police officer from entering the house while the victim was lying on the floor bleeding.

However, "the defendant acknowledged the crime and vowed not to repeat the wrong," he said. He stated the reason for the sentencing.