In October of last year, Park Young-geun, who had worked for over 7 years at a salt farm in Sinan, Jeollanam-do, exposed unpaid wages and exploitation of labor.

A month later, the case seemed to be settled when the owner of the salt farm was arrested.

However, after the salt farm owner was arrested, Park's colleague, A, who worked in the same salt farm, additionally escaped, and it was confirmed as a result of the Panda team's coverage until the end.

Mr. A changed his statement only after receiving protection from a human rights group and confessed the fact of the damage.

In a police investigation conducted immediately after Park escaped, colleagues at the salt farm denied assault or exploitation, but an official from a human rights organization who attended the police investigation at the time said, "They appeared to be making statements as they were entered by someone." It was confirmed that it raised the possibility of contamination of the statement.

Problems in the police investigation process were revealed, such as receiving statements without thoroughly separating salt farm owners and workers.

Detailed news will be delivered today (24th) in <SBS 8 News>.