A 40-year-old man who drove a car into the main entrance of the National Election Commission building was arrested as a current criminal, saying that the National Revolutionary Party presidential candidate Huh Kyung-young was not included in the opinion poll.

The Seoul Gwanak Police Station is known to have arrested and investigated a man in his 40s on charges of obstruction of the execution of special duties, preliminary arson, and damage to public objects.

Person A is suspected of having hit the main gate of the Central Election Commission Gwanak Office in Namhyeon-dong, Gwanak-gu, Seoul around 11:20 am on the same day with a light vehicle.

At that time, at the back gate of the government building, a rally of Candidate Heo supporters was in progress, and it was found that Mr. A took out the gasoline he had prepared in advance and sprayed it inside the car.

It was investigated that Mr. A drove a car to the National Election Commission, saying that even though candidate Huh's approval rating was high, he was not included in the poll.

A police official said, "There was no fire or casualties," and "the details of the incident are being investigated."

On the 17th, four supporters of Candidate Huh were also arrested on charges of refusing to joint eviction after making a fuss at the Gwanak Office of the National Election Commission.

(Photo = provided by Yonhap News TV, Yonhap News)