Last weekend, at a ski resort in Pocheon, there was an accident where the lift ran in reverse. Authorities have completely shut down the facility and have launched an investigation into the cause. First of all, it is assumed that the cause of the failure of the reducer that controls the lift speed is today (24th), and we plan to conduct a detailed analysis. 

Correspondent Won Jong-jin.

<Reporter> The

lift accident at the Pocheon Bears Town Ski Resort happened when the lift heading up a steep mountain slope stopped and suddenly reversed.

[The lift is going backwards! (Hey, wait, what about that!)]

In order not to collide with the descending lift, 40 passengers were injured as they jumped off, and about 100 passengers had to fall in the cold in the air for over 2 hours.

The ski resort was closed by order of the city of Pocheon, and the accident site was completely controlled.

As a result of the first inspection, the police and the Transportation Safety Authority estimate that there was a problem with the deceleration device of the lift where the accident occurred. [Pocheon City Hall official: When an expert says, 'When you see this kind of


, it's a speed reducer problem, there is a lot of possibility' (there is a lot of possibility), so we need to check it now.]

is scheduled.

Accident Lift was informed that there was no problem in the safety inspection received by the Transportation Safety Authority before it opened in October last year, but accidents have continued since then.

Last week, it was found that there was a failure in operation, such as manual operation due to an abnormality in the facility.

Bears Town Ski Resort posted an apology on its website and said that it would receive compensation for damage and refund the remaining season tickets.