As a customer, can you get more if the provider leaves something out?

The Renault Kangoo Rapid occupies a special position in the manageable crowd of compact transporters: it lacks the B-pillar between the sliding and passenger doors, both end in stops at the top and bottom.

This is not a cost-cutting measure by a manufacturer shaken by material costs, but a clever idea, because there is a 1.45 meter wide opening on the right-hand side that invites bulky goods to be loaded.

Luke Weber

Editor in the "Technology and Engine" department.

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We presented the car some time ago, now let's see what the "Open sesame" brings. First the view of a safety gate, which can be swiveled forward with some fiddling and protects the dog catcher from being bitten by his guests. The front passenger seat has to be folded down beforehand - that's almost all that can be adjusted on it, and the belt is also on the unfamiliar side. Boards three meters long can then be stowed in the compact car, and the loading volume increases from 3300 to 3900 litres.

We could not determine the feared twisting due to the missing column. Renault describes the floor, which is equipped with light ribs and a loading area protection made of plastic, as non-slip, which is not lashed or clamped, still moves back and forth. In the back there are wide-opening gullwing doors. The box is an excellent resonance body, the box rattles and rattles until it is fully loaded.

The Rapid is a commercial vehicle and correspondingly spartan, but well equipped with a view to safety technology.

We like the many shelves and the smooth-running and sufficiently powerful engine. In our Rapid TCe 100 FAP version, the 1.3-liter four-cylinder has 102 hp at a base price of just under 20,000 euros, but with a consumption of 7 to 9 liters it is not particularly economical.

The circuit is notchy, the brake snappy.

The navigation system also shows the petrol prices, unfortunately they are often not correct.