Today (the 22nd) around 3 pm, at Bears Town Ski Resort in Pocheon-si, Gyeonggi-do, an accident occurred where the lift, which was supposed to go up in the normal direction, suddenly ran backwards to the starting point.

The lift, which was going up, suddenly descended rapidly backwards and boarded the lift, forcing passengers to jump down near the starting point.

In the process, some passengers who could not jump off were caught between the lift and the lift and were injured and taken to hospital.

The fire department estimates that there will be around 100 people to be rescued, and rescue teams and firefighting helicopters are dispatched to rescue them.

(Planning & Production: D Content Planning Department / Editing: Park Jin-hyeong / Screen Provided: Viewers Se-young Do, Dong-su Oh, Seong-jae Im, Seon-young Kim)