Several teenagers gang assaulted a high school student of the same age on the stairs of a commercial building.

The victim student and the perpetrator did not know each other and met on the same day because of an argument on social media, but the serious assault scene was captured on CCTV. 

This is the exclusive report of G1 reporter Yoon Su-jin.


At a glance, more than 10 teenagers fill the stairs and beat a high school student without mercy.

He smiles brightly as he drags the legs of a child who has already lost consciousness and has collapsed, and even climbs up and crushes his knees with his feet.

[Group Assault Witness: There is also a friend who was laughing at the back.

(Student victim) My face is completely chapped...

The face was shapeless.]

This is the scene of the assault.

There are clear bloodstains on the floor, as well as on the wall and the handle, and the assault continued for about 10 minutes until the building employee who witnessed it stopped it.

The perpetrators are young people between the ages of 15 and 18.

The child who was beaten had a face bone smashed and no eyes, teeth, or healthy spots.

A detailed examination is currently in progress at the hospital, but it is not known what kind of treatment and how much.

[Parents of victims of victims: You keep reassuring me that you are okay.

‘Mom, it’s okay, I’m sorry,’ but I think it breaks my heart even more.] The

school is different from the victim student and we don’t have a face-to-face relationship, but it started when we got into an argument while exchanging messages on social media.

The dispute that started on social media eventually spread to a situation where we had to meet and solve it, which led to a group assault.

[Parents of victim students: (to the perpetrator) I called and they said, 'You are not wrong, but why are you XX to me?' in a really positive way, sarcastic talking amongst themselves.]

The police are currently 5 of the perpetrators We are expanding the investigation to other students who have been charged with co-assault, etc., and have fled the scene.

(Video coverage: Lee Kwang-soo G1 Broadcasting)