Police officers who viewed CCTV to see if the woman she is dating had met with another police officer has been sentenced to probation in prison.

The Chuncheon District Court broke the original sentence of 8 million won in fines of 37-year-old A and 29-year-old B, a 37-year-old and 29-year-old police officer in Gangwon-do, charged with violating the Personal Information Protection Act and abuse of power, and sentenced them to six months in prison and one year of probation each. sentenced.

The two looked at CCTV at a building management office in 2019 to check whether the policewoman, who started dating Mr. A, had previously been with another police officer.

In the process, he presented his police officer ID and abused the authority of a police officer, the right to first-aid investigation.

After that, he also made a wanted and resident inquiry for a car parked near the policewoman's house for private purposes.

Previously, the court of first instance did not distribute the CCTV video, wanted, and resident inquiry, so the degree of personal information infringement was relatively light. It was judged that the responsibility was heavy for the act of violating the trust of the Korean people.