A person bowing to the camera with an iron fence in between, this is Kim Jin-wook, director of the Crime Investigation Office for Senior Officials, who just celebrated their one year anniversary today (21st).

Although it was launched with high expectations, there has been no self-indictment in the meantime, and today's 1st anniversary event was also held privately, but a 90-degree greeting on the way to work replaced the public move. 

Reporter Hong Young-jae pointed out the situation of the Airborne Service, whose position has been compromised due to the political bias controversy and abuse of communication inquiries.


Kim Jin-wook, the head of the airborne department, got off the official car on the way to work.

He approached the reporters who were waiting outside the fence and bowed his head to greet them.

[Kim Jin-wook/Chief of Air Transport: We will reorganize the organization and system according to the level of the public.]

Unlike the inauguration ceremony a year ago, which was attended by several foreign guests including the minister, the 1st anniversary event was held privately and calmly only with internal members.

Director Kim Jin-wook said in his commemorative speech, "I'm sorry for not meeting the public's expectations, and I'm sorry, I will go back to the beginning and start over."

It seems that he was conscious of the low investigative power, the bias that only the opposition candidates were investigated, and the controversy over the reckless communication inquiry.

But the future doesn't look bright.

The manpower shortage worsened as a large number of investigators dispatched to the police returned to the situation where the completion of major cases, such as the case of indictment and the leak of the indictment, were delayed without a promise.

The criminal justice information system, which is the basis of computerization of cases, has not been established, so even administrative work is difficult.

[Han Sang-hee/Professor, Konkuk University Law School: It is necessary to prepare for one to two years, whether it is the procedure for carrying out work or the manpower.

The problem today is that (the Air Transport Agency) has now too easily skipped that preparatory stage…


There is only one way to prove the value of existence with unbiased neutrality and rhetorical ability to silence the theory of uselessness and abolition growing in controversy.

(Video coverage: Park Hyeon-cheol, video editing: Kim Kyung-yeon, CG: Kang Kyung-rim, Ban So-hee)