On January 21, 1968, 54 years ago, North Korean special forces members attempted to attack the Blue House, and a fighting took place at Bukaksan Mountain just behind it.

I met Kim Shin-jo, now in his 80s, who was the only captured North Korean soldier at the time.

Correspondent Im Sang-beom.


[Korea News: President Park himself went to the office and accepted the resident registration card in accordance with the procedures]

Issuance of national resident registration cards, extension of military service to 36 months, high school and university training classes, all of this took place on January 21, 1968, It was because of that incident.

[Korea News: Armed spies of the North Korean army dared to come to Seoul in darkness and make a riot.]

Thirty-one members of the North Korean Unit 124 infiltrated the Blue House three days after crossing the armistice line, and 29 people were killed after clashes with the military and police.

At that time, the only surviving North Korean special forces member was Kim Shin-jo.

[Kim Shin-jo/1·21 Infiltrating Armed Commissar: Come out and come out, they say that they will save you and save you.

I took a grenade and tried to pull out the ring to self-destruct, but I keep wanting to live.]

The so-called 'Kim Shin-jo route', which was closed after the


incident and opened after 52 years

[Kim Shin-jo/1·21 Armed spy infiltration: (Why did you come in January?) In winter, these people do not train well, and the soldiers do not work well. that day is a sunday Sunday is all about playing. The weakness of capitalism is that one weakness.]

Traces of that day remain intact on the rocks.

[Korea News: Captured armed spy Kim Shin-jo confirmed the dead gang one by one.]

One word from the press conference shocked Korean society

, Kim Shin-jo, what's your mission? That's why I came here to cut the throat of Park Jeong-hee, and I said exactly what I was ordered to do.]

After being imprisoned in the basement of a serving high for 10 months, when he was released, he had to live as an anti-communist, anti-communist fighter.

[Kim Shin-jo/1·21 Armed Spy Infiltrating: I said I would do what I was told. I'm not free. But after seeing that, it's a Yushin. They called me anti-communist, so they tied me up. Because I went to a national campaign with it.]

The end of the hike is at Jahamun Pass, in front of the statue of the head of the Jongno Police Station who was killed at that time.

[Kim Shin-jo/1·21 Armed Spy Infiltrating: Because he was killed by my colleague, I mean indirectly responsible. Even if there are only two people, we have to share this burden, but it is very difficult because we live alone and carry it with us... .]

In the midst of the modern history of the Cold War and division, Pung Woon-ah Kim Shin-jo confessed that he was always in pain because of his parents and family in North Korea, who suffered too much because of him.

Referring to the recent 'U-turn' North Korean incident, I left a request to embrace the 30,000 North Korean defectors who came to freedom and opportunity as compatriots, even if they criticized some for their deviation.

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