Last summer, a newborn baby was found in a food waste bin in front of a store.

Today (21st) a court sentenced a 20-year-old mother to a severe sentence for hurting and throwing away her baby.

The baby is now in good health and is being cared for by an adoption agency.

This is CJB reporter Lee Tae-hyun.


At dawn on August 21, last year, a newborn baby with an umbilical cord was found in a food waste bin at a restaurant in Gagyeong-dong, Cheongju-si.

The rescued child showed signs of severe dehydration and sepsis, and a knife wound was found on her neck and arm.

[Lee Bo-ram / 119 dispatcher at the time: At first, the baby did not cry and was whining.

Her baby cried a lot when she took it out and moved it into the blanket.] The

police, who started the investigation, caught her mother, 26-year-old A, who abandoned her child the next day.

The prosecution requested 20 years in prison for attempted murder against A, and the 11th Criminal Division of the Cheongju District Court, the first trial court, sentenced him to 12 years in prison.

The court found that the mother, who had to protect her child's body and life, tried to murder her child in a rather cruel way, resulting in serious injury to her child, which could lead to serious disability or aftereffects in the future.

However, as a result of clinical psychological evaluation, the court said that the sentencing took into account A's lack of intellectual ability and judgment.

The child, who was in critical condition at the time of discovery, recovered health and was discharged from the hospital in October of last year, and is now sent to an adoption agency.

As the news of the child became known, more than 150 million won was collected from all over the country.

[Park Heung-cheol / Secretary General of the Chungbuk Community Chest of Korea: (Donation) provides the necessary amount until the child becomes an adult, and the remaining amount will be delivered to the child as soon as the child becomes an adult.] The

prosecution is Mr. A Among the claims for loss of parental authority to limit the exercise of parental authority, the first hearing is scheduled for next month.

(Video coverage: Kim Yu-chan CJB)