The shameful atrocities of a woman who loaded a pile of garbage into a vehicle and dumped it in front of someone else's villa was caught on CCTV.

The woman was fined for negligence after a villa resident and a cleaning agent, who took it seriously, tracked it down based on the 'delivery food receipt'.

According to Seongbuk-gu yesterday (20th), unauthorized speculator A drove a black Grandeur at the entrance of a villa parking lot in Jongam-dong, Seongbuk-gu, Seoul on the 4th.

In the CCTV, Mr. A got out of the car and took out a paper box from the trunk and threw it in front of the volume-based garbage collection box on one side of the parking lot.

Then, I took out boxes and plastic bags from the front passenger and rear seats and threw garbage in front of the villa about a dozen times, then slowly drove out of the parking lot.

A resident of the villa who found the garbage said that the box and bag that Mr. A threw out were full of food waste and food containers for delivery.

In the public garbage photo, food waste is lying around in general plastic bags and delivery food containers, rather than separate collection.

Villa residents and sanitation workers found the delivery food receipt in the trash to find out Mr. A's home address, and they were able to secure the garbage dumping scene and license plate number through CCTV in the parking lot.

I also called the apartment management office at the address on the delivery receipt to confirm that the owner of the vehicle is a resident of the apartment, and reported it to the ward office.

Resident A, the informant, said, "The act of deliberately loading garbage in a car and throwing it away was so reckless and absurd, I reported it."

An official from Seongbuk-gu Office said, "The reported case was unauthorized dumping of household waste using vehicles."

Netizens who heard the news commented, "People who drive tens of thousands of won in a car don't have a few hundred won for a bag?" "You look young, but why are you already buying the world like that?" "The diligence of coming to someone else's house and throwing away trash, it's ridiculous", etc. showed a response.

(Photo = provided by the reader, Yonhap News)


If you are caught dumping garbage without permission, you must pay a fine of not more than 1 million won in accordance with the Waste Management Act.

A fine of 50,000 won for disposing of cigarette butts and toilet paper, a fine of 200,000 won for disposing of waste using plastic bags, and 500,000 won for disposing of waste using transportation equipment such as vehicles or carts will be imposed.