• Journalists, vloggers, YouTubers, podcasters, Instagrammers… all produce audio/video content for which sound is of paramount importance.

  • With MIC, drone manufacturer DJI offers an extremely simple solution for wireless voice recordings, with one or two microphones, up to 250 meters away.

  • Sold for 329 euros, DJI MIC is not cheap, but stands out as a tool that greatly facilitates the production of content.

Riddle: after drones, 




, in what area does the DJI firm now want to invest?

Answer (not obvious): the sound!

With the DJI MIC, the Chinese manufacturer tumbles into a world where we did not necessarily expect it, that of audio capture, and wireless audio capture.

So, if you are a journalist, blogger, vlogger, Instagrammer, podcaster, frantic videographer, in short, content producer, the DJI MIC test carried out by "20 Minutes" should interest you...

Record autonomy

For MIC, DJI's pretty brilliant idea is a case.

The manufacturer was undoubtedly inspired by the small cases in which we store and recharge our True Wireless headphones to imagine it.

It is a black box (103 x 62 x 41.5 mm for 162 grams) where two microphones and a wireless receiver are housed and recharged.

There is also a USB connector for Android smartphones and a Lightning connector for iPhone.

With its built-in 2600 mAh battery, this box can recharge each microphone and the receiver twice consecutively.

That is 2 x 5.5 hours of autonomy for the first and 2 x 5 hours for the second.

It's a lot.

A simple simplicity

DJI's second key idea is a plug and play system.

Here, no app or software is needed to operate the hitch.

Once out of their box, microphones and receivers are operational and automatically pair with each other.

All that remains is to connect the receiver to a camera.

The small Lighting adapter provided allowed us to test MIC with our iPhone.

Also included are a USB-C adapter for Android smartphones and a camera adapter.

Up to 250 meters range

Practical: the receiver which has a touch screen allowing some small adjustments can be positioned facing us. If you are not too far away, you can check the recording levels of the microphones. These can be clipped or magnetized to any item of clothing. Even if they weigh only 30 grams each, they can be difficult to place and remain less discreet than a lavalier microphone. Nevertheless, they offer a range of up to 250 meters, which is quite considerable. The DJI MIC's only identified rival is called the Rode Wireless Go II and only offers 200 meters of range.

At the same time, we are also reassured by the possibility of double recording in back-up.

Each microphone can thus record up to 14 hours of audio independently of the receiver.

This is handy if you exceed the authorized range of 250 meters and lose contact with the receiver, or simply to record only audio.

The files created (in. WAV) can simply be transferred via USB to a computer.

For motivated beginners or experts

In use, the DJI MIC immediately surprises with its ease of use.

When unboxing it, we looked for a user manual, imagining perhaps complex preliminaries before being able to use it.

Nothing of the sort.

If a Quick Star Guide is provided, it almost makes up the numbers.

The great flexibility of the product is also to its credit.

Being able to switch from a smartphone to a camera in seconds, its versatility motivates to produce content.

It's not complicated to embark on a cooking


with this equipment, to film your exploits with


commentary on skis, or, more simply, to carry out video or simply audio interviews for a


without having to bother with wired microphones.

Currently on pre-order, the DJI MIC remains quite expensive.

Sold for 329 euros (20 euros more expensive than its competitor, the Rode Wireless Go II), it is not necessarily guaranteed a quick return on investment in the context of amateur use.

You have to use it.

Used in a professional setting, the investment made will, on the other hand, be quickly amortized.

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