By renaming itself Meta, since October 28, Facebook has clearly affirmed its desire to carry out its metaverse project, an immersive user interface that would constitute a major advance over the current Web.

If the contours of this project are still unclear today, various patents have been filed by the company and seem to echo possible applications of the metaverse, reports the

Financial Times

relayed by

Le Parisien


Among these patents, some reveal that Facebook would like to be able to collect biometric data measured by VR headsets from the cameras and motion sensors present in the device.

The company would therefore have access to information about our facial expressions and body movements, for example.

It could thus resell them, as implied by the current economic model of the firm.

A revolution for advertising targeting

With this data, marketing campaigns could therefore be targeted based on our measurements or even our measured emotional state.

However, at present, these ideas only exist in the form of patents, and there is no certainty that these innovations could be incorporated into the development of the metaverse.

In general, this new design of Web interfaces could be an opportunity to develop new commercial spaces for brands, the metaverse being both thought of as a social space, but also as a space for buying, selling and entertainment.

To carry out this project which promises to be titanic, Facebook had notably announced last October the recruitment of 10,000 new employees in Europe alone.

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