At an animal shelter run by Cheongdo-gun, Gyeongsangbuk-do, it was revealed that abandoned dogs were left in a terrible environment.

Puppies are left unattended in cages full of filth here and there.

The rice bowl was empty.

A shocking scene was also captured of one dog eating the carcass of another.

On the 17th, an animal protection group reported the reality of the abandoned dog shelter in Cheongdo-gun through SNS.

In November of last year, I visited the shelter, and although it is operated directly, the environment was so poor that only three containers were used. Even three days before the visit, a fire broke out in the container due to negligence, and 16 abandoned dogs died painfully.

When the group filed a complaint with Cheongdo-gun, the Cheongdo-gun side promised to reinforce personnel, improve the environment, and expand facilities.

But last week, after two months, I returned to the shelter, but nothing improved.

In response, Cheongdo County apologized for the inexperienced operation of the shelter through an official statement and said once again that it would build a shelter for abandoned dogs and strengthen management responsibilities.