A male nurse at Changwon Gyeongsang National University Hospital, who was accused of coercing or sexually harassing female junior nurses, was suspended for three months.

According to Changwon Gyeongsang National University Hospital, a personnel committee was recently held at the Jinju Headquarters and disciplinary action was decided against the male nurse A.

It is known that the level of disciplinary action was decided in consideration of the fact that the nurse who reported the damage made a consistent statement and said similar words to the victim.

At the end of last year, the hospital received a report from a female nurse who said that if she repeatedly asked for a private meeting from Mr. A and refused to do so, she suffered mental pain from unfair treatment and heard comments that could make her feel sexually humiliated.

In response, the hospital conducted an anonymous survey of female nurses working in the department, and received 64 out of 77 answers.

As a result of the survey, 18 people (28.1%) answered 'Yes' to the question 'Have you ever been asked to meet personally outside of business hours?'

Respondents said that they received requests and questions such as 'Let's go eat while working, I'll teach you to study, so let's go to a cafe, go to a movie, go for a drive, take me, do you have a boyfriend?'

A hospital official said, "Mr. A is not currently at work, and even if he returns according to the regulations, he will be separated from the victim and work without encountering each other."

(Photo=Changwon Gyeongsang National University Hospital, Yonhap News)