At an animal shelter run directly by Cheongdo-gun, Gyeongsangbuk-do, it was revealed that abandoned dogs were left in a poor environment, such as devouring carcasses.

Beagle Rescue Network, an animal protection group, posted an article titled 'Abandoned dogs at the Qingdao Shelter that burns to death and eats corpses' on SNS on the 17th to report the situation of the shelter. 

According to the post, Beagle Rescue Network visited an animal shelter in Qingdao last November.

Although the shelter is directly managed by Cheongdo-gun, the environment is so poor that there are only three containers.

The group explained, "Even three days before the visit, a fire broke out due to negligence in container management, and 16 abandoned dogs were burned to death." 

In response, the group filed a complaint with Cheongdo-gun, and the Cheongdo-gun side promised, "Give us an opportunity to improve," and "we will reinforce personnel, improve the environment, and expand facilities." 

However, the group claims that the promise was not kept even after two months. After revisiting the shelter on the 13th, the group wrote, "The facility did not show any signs of improvement, and the on-site management personnel could not be found. The moment the container door was opened, it was hell itself, Abigail Hwan inside."  

The group said, "All of the bowls covered in filth were empty, and the dog with severe injuries that made his forelegs rattle was left unattended. Another dog was dying on the filth. There was another dog's carcass in the corner of the container. Even the children who eat wasn't a shelter, it was hell."  

He continued, "Last year, 70% of the abandoned dogs at this shelter lost their lives due to euthanasia or natural causes." "Cheongdo-gun is cruel to animals by neglecting them without proper facilities. Because of Cheongdo-gun's indifference, innocent abandoned dogs are in hell." suffering from it,” he complained. 

All the abandoned dogs at the shelter were rescued by the animal protection group 'Mother and Dad of Abandoned Animals', but it is known that most of them are in poor health.

Two out of 18 abandoned dogs died within one day of rescue, 7 were infected with parvovirus, and 4 were reported to have tested positive for coronal enteritis.

Parvovirus is an infectious disease with a high fatality rate that leads to death from various complications such as digestive diseases. 

In a statement, Cheongdo-gun said, "We deeply apologize for hurting the hearts of those who love animals through inexperienced management. Officials in charge will be on business trips at all times to strengthen management responsibilities.”  

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(Photo = 'Beagle Rescue Network' Facebook capture)