The observation is clear, the year 2021 broke records in terms of smartphone use.

Humans spent 3.8 trillion hours on their smartphones last year, according to App Annie's State of Mobile report.

5 hours daily in front of a smartphone

The study reveals that in 2021, consumers around the world spent about five hours a day on their mobile phones.

Specifically, out of the top ten countries analyzed, the average daily hours spent in front of a smartphone is 4 hours and 48 minutes.

This is a 30% increase from 2019.

As heavy consumers, users in Brazil, Indonesia and South Korea exceeded five hours per day.

Mobile phone adoption on the rise

The pandemic has accelerated existing mobile habits, which have consolidated over the past year.

Indeed, mobile adoption has exploded in 2021, with growth in downloads, usage and consumer spending in app stores.

More than $320,000 passed through app stores every minute in 2021, an increase of nearly 20% from previous highs in 2020.

Emerging markets dominate download growth.

In particular, India recorded an exponential rate of downloads.

Pakistan, Peru, Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia and Egypt are among the fastest growing markets for downloads, with 25%, 25%, 25%, 20%, 15% and 15% annual growth.

An increasingly lucrative app market

Global consumer spending on dating apps jumped past $4.2 billion.

This represents a 55% increase from 2019. Food and beverage apps reached a new milestone with 194 billion ordering sessions in 2021, a 50% year-on-year increase.

In particular, the use of the Chinese application TikTok has seen a 90% increase globally, excluding China, compared to 2020. Thus, out of ten minutes spent on a mobile, seven are devoted to social applications, photos and video.

For their part, advertisers have seized the opportunity of this explosion in mobile application downloads.

Indeed, mobile ad spending exceeded $295 billion in 2021. It is expected to reach $350 billion in 2022.

The great replacement for large screens

The big screen is slowly dying as mobile continues to break records in virtually every category.

Namely, time spent, downloads and revenue.

As an example, in 2021 the average American watched 3.1 hours of television and spent 4.1 hours on their smartphone.

According to Theodore Krantz, expert and CEO of App Annie, mobile devices are the best means of communication today.

According to him, they could impose themselves as reference technology for a long time.

Well aware of this evolution, last year the publishers launched two million new applications and new games.

This brings the total number of apps and games ever released on iOS and Google Play to more than 21 million.

Metaverse catapults leading avatar apps forward with 160% year-over-year growth.

By the Web

Facebook, TikTok and YouTube are committed to limiting the use of screens among young people


The French spend an average of 3h30 a day on their smartphone

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