Market restaurants with up-to-date cuisine, dining rooms faithful to the Indian tradition, in an international Italian key or chifa cuisine.

The gastronomic offer continues to grow in Madrid,

not even on the January slope.

Here are five new establishments

that are worth a visit without burning a hole in the budget.

Grilled leek with shrimp tartar, in Terracotta.


The proposal of this new restaurant located in the Salamanca district offers an updated vision of traditional recipes. The menu, which will change according to the

seasonal products

, includes shrimp croquettes, Iberian veil and black garlic alioli, creamy salad with pickles, a brioche of squid, pickled limes and fresh herbs and a rich broth and some baby squid . Stewed León beans with sautéed mushrooms, mangetouts and turnips and glazed veal cheeks with ramen potato parmentier stand out among the main dishes. It has more than

50 wine references

to accompany the party. the

cocktail bar

It also has its crumb, handmade and with its own homemade macerates.

Highly recommended is the artisan bitter liqueur spritzer and the vermouth made with artisanal gin macerated in red berries, artisan bitter liqueur, vermouth and cocoa bitters.

Average price: 35 euros.


: Velázquez 80. Reservations: 91 485 63 46.

Tripe with leg and nose, in La Querida.

The dear

With the temperatures that mark for the week, a good plate of vegetables is presented as a most tempting plan. In this recently opened space in Pozuelo, traditional cuisine prevails in a cozy and pleasant environment and

spoon dishes

(such as the Barco de Ávila beans with partridge or verdinas with clams) have great prominence. At the head of the premises is

David Fernández, a businessman dedicated to tattoos

for more than two decades who has now decided to give free rein to his other passion, gastronomy. He himself is in charge of choosing the raw materials that arrive in the kitchen every day. In its menu there are reference dishes such as

foie micuit made at home

, the oxtail croquettes and a selection of cuts of meat prepared on the grill that is difficult to resist.

It offers options off the menu that should always be taken into account, such as

the grilled veal sweetbreads with black garlic aioli


Average price: 45 euros.


: Calle del Cerezo, 1. Pozuelo de Alarcón.

Chifa kitchen, in Sillao.


The Quispe Group

has been determined to turn the

Las Salesas neighborhood into a miniature Peru

. Thus, they have just inaugurated their latest project just a few meters from the other restaurants of the brand (

Quispe and Ponja Nikkei

) with a

chifa proposal

, a commitment to Peruvian cuisine through its fusion with cuisine of Cantonese origin. In Sillao, the name by which soy sauce is called in Peru, the

products and flavors of the Andean country are used

, such as chili peppers and roast pork, to present them in traditional Cantonese preparations, such as

dim sum,

and with the leading role of the wok. Essential in this space reminiscent of a

Chinese tea room

, whose menu offers vegetables, soups, fish and meat, are chaufa rice, sautéed noodles or Chi Jau Kay chicken.

Average price: 35 euros.


Argensola, 7. Tel.: 629 21 76 31.

Tawa Chicken (chicken with onion sauce, tomato, coriander and other spices), in Haveli.


From the creators of Doli (a restaurant located in Diego de León that, for just over two years, has been successfully flying the flag of the most classic Indian cuisine) comes this new dining room, whose name evokes the

old traditional Indian houses

. And tradition is what chef

Singh Sukhwinder

-has worked at Tandoori Station and Benares in London, among other places- and his family serve in this two-storey restaurant with a terrace. The center of the proposal are typical dishes from


, Singh's place of origin, made with quality raw materials and a

very personal mixture of spices with unsoftened spiciness

(you can try a more westernized version). And what is eaten here? There they go:

samosas and pakoras


tandoori specialties starring chicken, fish and seafood;

curries and lesser-known South Indian recipes

such as salmon goa curry or honey prawns.

They also have a tasting menu (35.50 euros).

Average price: 25 euros.


O'Donnell, 46. Tel.: 91 034 40 72.

Parmesan ravioli infused with basil with sautéed shrimp and seafood cream, at La Lupa.

the magnifying glass

Market dining room, where traditional and contemporary dishes go hand in hand. Those are the credentials of this space that the

Ottica group

(Ottica Restaurante and Occhiali) opened a few months ago in the

La Guindalera

neighborhood and that in a short time has become one of the essential places in the area. While in aesthetics art deco and the roaring 20s are based, in gastronomy it is committed to

coexistence between the classic and the modern

. Thus, starters such as the creamy salad with shrimp mayonnaise, glass prawns coated in chickpea flour with poached egg or

grilled marrow marinated in miso

arrive on their tables . Among the main dishes, the

ravioli stand out

Parmesan infused with basil with sautéed shrimp and seafood cream;

low-temperature Iberian ribs glazed with barbecue or

beef entrails marinated in kimchi

and finished on the grill with potatoes and Padrón peppers.

Average price: 30 euros.


Brussels Avenue, 69. Tel.: 91 933 54 13.

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