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A 30-year-old man who actually met and killed an opponent in an online game was also sentenced to prison in the appeals court.

Today (18th), the 3rd Criminal Division of the Daejeon High Court (Judge Jeong Jae-oh) sentenced A (39), who was charged with murder, to 15 years in prison, the same as the first trial. However, the 20-year order to attach a location tracking electronic device (electronic anklet) requested by the prosecution was dismissed because the risk of recidivism was low.

On March 13, last year, Mr. B (28), whom he met in an online game, was handed over to trial for calling and killing Mr. B (28) near his house.

It is known that Mr. A, who was playing an online game, was arguing online with Mr. B, who was playing the game, for the reason that he was "not playing hard" and demanded 'Hyunpi'. 

'Hyunpi' is a compound word of 'string', the first letter of 'reality,' and 'P (blood)', the first letter of 'PK (player kill)'. It means an action.

In response, Mr. B came to an apartment complex near Mr. A's house, and Mr. A committed a crime with a weapon.

Immediately after the crime, Mr. A left the scene and returned, called the 119 ambulance and performed CPR on Mr. B according to the instructions of the paramedics, but Mr. B eventually died.

As a result of the investigation, it was confirmed that A committed the crime out of anger over the occurrence of a quarrel.

However, it was revealed that Mr. A had offered Mr. B a 'hyeon-pi' several times before the crime, and hid the weapon in his clothes in case of a fight with Mr. B.

Earlier, the first trial court said, "The fact that Mr. A confessed and admitted the crime, and that he left the scene after the crime and returned to perform CPR is an advantageous normal," but "the result is very heavy, such as the victim's death, and the bereaved family is very heavy. He was sentenced to 15 years in prison, saying, "I have to take heavy responsibility for the consequences of the crime, such as receiving a huge psychological shock."

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