Controversy has arisen after posting on social media that a fishing hook that looked like it was aimed at a dog was found in a park in Incheon.

Several Vienna sausages are threaded with sharp fishing hooks.

This is a picture I posted on social media last weekend.

The netizen who uploaded the photo said that he found these sausages among fallen leaves while taking a walk with his dog in a park in Bupyeong-gu, Incheon.

"It was deliberately inconspicuous, and it smelled like it was hidden by fallen leaves so that dogs could find it," he said.

Currently, the article has received close to 5,000 likes, and netizens are outraged, saying, 'A devil-like person' and 'You must report it and catch it'.

One netizen actually reported it to the police directly.

The police, who received the report, said that they searched the park, but did not find a sausage with a fishing hook.