A civic group pointed out that the text of the Corona 19 disaster sent by Jeollabuk-do to the residents was inappropriate because it was too coercive.

Today (18th), according to the Jeonbuk Peace and Human Rights Solidarity, the province emphasized the importance of wearing a mask indoors and sent a disaster text message with the phrase 'Not wearing a mask when talking with family members other than living together is like aiding drunk driving'.

It is known that the province repeatedly used the same phrase during the Corona 19 briefing and distribution of related materials.

The group said, "To say that non-compliance with COVID-19 personal quarantine is the same as a crime punishable under the Criminal Act, such as aiding drunk driving, is an expression of coercion, and it is difficult to see it as an appropriate quarantine administration. It requires caution and responsibility in expressing it to others,” he pointed out.

He added, "It is not administrative coercion that overcomes the disaster, but the cooperation and participation of citizens." I did.

The group said, "We understand that the recent outbreak of COVID-19 is getting serious due to mutations in Omicron." I did.

(Photo = Courtesy of Jeonbuk Peace and Human Rights Coalition, Yonhap News)