It has been found that Jeong Jin-sang, deputy chief of the Office of the Election Response Committee, who is considered to be a close aide to Lee Jae-myung, the presidential candidate of the Democratic Party of Korea, was recently investigated by the prosecution.

According to the election committee of Candidate Lee on the 16th, the Seoul Central Prosecutor's Office (Team Leader Kim Tae-hoon, 4th Deputy Chief Prosecutor) investigated allegations of breach of trust and lobbying surrounding the development of Daejang-dong on the afternoon of the 13th as the accused.

It is said that the investigation was carried out beyond midnight with the consent of the deputy chief of staff and until the dawn of the next day.

Deputy Director Jeong assisted Candidate Lee, who was mayor of Seongnam at the time of the Daejang-dong project, as the head of the Seongnam City Policy Office.

He was included in the approval line for various Daejang-dong project documents, including the 2016 Seongnam Pangyo Daejang Urban Development Project Development Plan Change and Implementation Plan Approval Report.

Deputy chief of staff is suspected of being involved in the process of resignation of Seongnam Urban Development Corporation, the first president of Seongnam Urban Development Corporation, by Hwang Moo-seong.

After the investigation into the Daejang-dong allegation began in earnest, former President Hwang released a transcript dated February 6, 2015, containing a conversation with Yuhan-ki, former head of the development business division of the Corporation.

In this transcript, former general manager Yoo urged former president Hwang to resign by referring to superiors, such as 'the mayor' and 'chief executive officer,' several times.

It is presumed that 'mayor' was referring to Lee Jae-myung, mayor of Seongnam at the time, and 'Chief Chung' was referring to the government chief who was in charge of the policy office in Seongnam at the time.

Prosecutors are 'upper line', such as Seongnam City HallSince last month, we have coordinated the summons investigation schedule with the head of the government to confirm the suspicion of involvement in the development of Daejang-dong.

However, Yuhan-ki, the former general manager, who was requested for an arrest warrant for bribery, made an extreme choice ahead of the interrogation of the suspect before the arrest, and Kim Moon-ki, the first development director, who was a reference, also died, so the summons for the government chief was delayed repeatedly.