The search operation continues today (16th) at the site of the Gwangju apartment collapse. While efforts are being made to find the five remaining missing persons, preparations are underway to search the upper floors. On-site connection.

Reporter Jeong-eun Shin, please tell us about the search for the missing person.


Today, the sixth day of the accident, the search for five missing people started at 7:30 in the morning.

Eight rescue dogs and 17 rescuers were first dispatched along with drone equipment.

However, the accident site is still in a dangerous state due to fears of falling objects or tower crane collapse.

Just yesterday afternoon, a falling object fell from the 23rd floor and there was a dizzying situation where rescuers were evacuated.

Authorities said today they plan to send in a total of 209 search and rescue personnel and 27 pieces of equipment to search every floor of the building, removing falling objects and rebar.

[Moon Hee-jun / Gwangju West Fire Chief: Currently, we are lifting the load on the first floor. We are doing our best to remove the load on the first floor.]


The tower crane dismantling work is delayed. What will happen in the future?


To dismantle this tower crane that is leaning precariously next to the building as seen behind me, you need a separate tower crane for dismantling.

The construction company, Hyundai Development Company, is scheduled to complete the assembly of a 1,200-ton dismantling tower crane by the end of today.

However, yesterday, the dismantling schedule was delayed as field workers exercised the 'work stop' for safety.

After safely reinforcing the tilted crane, we plan to dismantle the tilted tower crane as early as Wednesday.