Progressive organizations such as the KCTU will hold a large-scale rally in downtown Seoul at 2 pm today (15th).

The slogan of the rally is 'Let's overthrow inequality, put an end to the vested interests and two-party system, and let's open up an independent and egalitarian society'.

The organizers expect about 10,000 people to attend the rally, and they plan to hold the rally in a guerrilla style in downtown Seoul.

Police said they are operating temporary checkpoints to prevent gatherings.

In addition, if the assembly is forced to hold, we will proceed with the dissolution procedure, and if an illegal activity occurs, we will take strong measures, such as arresting the current offender.

They tried to rent a large sports facility, but the Seoul Metropolitan Government issued a notice to ban both outdoor and indoor gatherings due to COVID-19 quarantine guidelines.

(Photo = Yonhap News)