We have secured a work log that can identify the cause of the Gwangju apartment collapse. This shows when the concrete was poured and how long it took for the curing period. Contrary to the claims of Hyundai Development Company, suspicions are growing that the work was done without a sufficient curing period. 

This is an exclusive report by KBC reporter Lee Sang-hwan.


Gwangju Hwajeong I-Park Apartment, where 16 floors from the 38th to the 23rd floor collapsed like dominoes.

Suspicions have been raised that the collapse occurred while the concrete had not hardened sufficiently.

KBC has obtained a pouring log to support these allegations.

Concrete was poured on the 35th floor on December 3, last year on the 36th floor on December 10, and on the 37th floor on December 16th.

The curing period is only 6-7 days.

Experts point out that although there are variables such as cement type and curing temperature, sufficient strength may not be obtained due to the short curing period.

[Professor Choi Myung-gi/Professor of Korea Industry Field: Usually, in spring and autumn, (concrete) is cured in this way for about a week, but in winter, concrete itself sometimes freezes, so the strength does not come out, so such a curing period that is usually longer than a week It is


On the 12th, Hyundai Development Company said that the claim that it did not go through a sufficient curing period was not true, and that the curing period of the 38th floor was 18 days.

However, the curing period for the 35th and 36th floors was not disclosed.

Most likely, they only provided information that was beneficial to them.

In response, an official from Hyundai Development Company explained that there is no problem with strength through sufficient testing, and strength is more important than curing period.

The police started analyzing construction documents, such as work diaries, to confirm the suspicion of poor curing, and plan to call related persons in turn to investigate.

(Video coverage: Son Young-gil KBC)

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