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  • Novelty Manosanta, the minimalist churrería that the Aragón family has opened in the Salamanca district

With so many restaurants opening, it is normal for some good proposal to go unnoticed or simply to be forgotten.

So that this does not happen, we have selected

ten places that are well worth a visit in this new year.

There is variety in the

types of cuisine

(Mexican, Italian, Japanese, traditional...) and also in the



There are new places where you can eat wonderfully with an average ticket of 30-40 euros.

For those who want to start 2022 with a full-fledged gastronomic tribute,

there is a new fish temple in the city


From Chueca to Chamberí, with a stop at Paseo de la Castellana and Puerta de Alcalá, come and enjoy.


Bethlehem, 6. Average price: 45 euros

SINCE 1911

The new Nordic-style restaurant at Pescaderías Coruñesas pays tribute to seafood with total mastery.

It is, without a doubt, one of the must-sees this year.

The menu is reinvented almost daily with the best fish that arrive from the fish markets.

The good work of Abel Valverde, manager of the bi-starred


for 20 years, is an accomplice of the excellence that permeates the place.

Since 1911. Vivero, 3. Menus from 130 euros (without drinks)


Located on the 33rd floor of the Torre Emperador Castellana, it is the highest restaurant in Spain.

The chefs Sergio Ortiz de Zárate, specialized in seafood, and Beñat Ormaetxea, in hunting, are behind this space that offers

Basque haute cuisine


They feed on top-quality produce that arrives every day from Santurce, Santoña, Hondarribia, Getaria and also from the Aranjuez orchard.


Paseo de la Castellana, 259 B. Menu from 80 euros


Chef Jesús Sánchez (3 Michelin stars at the Cenador de Amós) opened


in November at the Rosewood Villa Magna Hotel, where

the essence and character of the Bay of Biscay

can be savored .

It has different menu options including anchovies, squid rings and cod fritters and piquillo pepper cream.

The Cantabrian stews, performed in two passes, are served at noon.


Ortega y Gasset, 2. Average price: from 47 euros (single dish)


In this modern space in the Chamberí neighbourhood, they offer seasonal produce cuisine with bits of

French, British, Nikkei and Asian influences


Chef Pablo Fernández, seasoned in kitchens around the world, signs the rice, foie and hoisin paper;

the scallop with pilpil sauce and the old cow ribs cooked for 12 hours in the nitsuke style.

The cocktail bar also deserves a separate mention.


Urban Z

, 67. Short menu: 60 euros


The Italian cuisine of Gianni Pinto (left) and Javier Gassibe has achieved this year the Bib Gourmand of the Michelin Guide, which rewards the best value for money and to celebrate it they have created a menu.

This Italian-Argentine tandem uses the best raw material, and is committed to simplicity and excellence in the execution of its dishes.

His carbonara with pecorino and guanciale and his caponata are house hits.



, 6. Average price: 45-50 euros


This spectacular place located near the Retiro prepares

scandalous margaritas


The menu offers traditional Mexican cuisine, with mezcal -more than 500 types-, corn -key in their tortillas, which they make by hand- and the wood oven as protagonists of the gastro experience.

The guacamole, the quesadillas (such as the one with squash flower) and the ceviches are perfect.

They also have dishes with insects.


Plaza de la Independencia, 5. Average price: 35-40 euros


It is the Japanese restaurant that is on everyone's lips.

Its casual and cosmopolitan model has already triumphed in London, New York and Dubai with its

air of izakaya

(Japanese tavern).

The letter is very tempting as a whole.

The chu toro tartar with miso bread and black truffle, the crab salad and the marinated black cod are noteworthy.

It is essential to try some of the dishes that they make in their robata grill.


Paseo de las Castellana, 2. Average price: 60-70 euros


Sergio and Roberto Hernández (




) surprise again with this pleasant tavern with a roguish touch.

The Lima cause, the ceviche, the lobster roll with Norway lobsters, the ear -a sublime bite- and the patatas bravas (image) are some of the dishes included in its menu, where the

traditional touch is mixed with bites from Peru or Singapore


As evening falls, it's time to try their cocktails.

The place, with large windows, has a modern and somewhat vintage decoration.

A large Menina stands out on one of the walls.

The room team is very attentive.

Mummy Traveling Tavern.

Avenida de los Andes, 8. Average price: 30 euros


This space located in the Paseo de la Castellana vindicates the tavern of a lifetime with a hooligan and very appetizing menu.

The oxtail brioche, the liquid croquettes, the garlic prawns and the veal cachopín stuffed with semi-cured cheese with tripe sauce and ham powder are some of the essential dishes.

You have to leave room for the cheesecake and try their vermouth.

Tasquita Los Ochoas.

Paseo de la Castellana, 117. Average price: 30-35 euros


With a menu of

just over 20 dishes

, Mario Sánchez from Cádiz (kitchen) and Parisian Charlotte Finkel (dining room) have shaped this place in the Chueca neighborhood.

Among the appetizing combinations that it offers, the chicharrón, comté, semi-dried tomatoes;

tuna à la bordelaise, mashed potato;

and the steak tartar, croissant, béarnaise, among others.

The desserts (especially the apple tatin) and the wines are up to par.

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