On January 5th, on the eve of the opening of the 4th Haikou International New Energy Vehicles and Intelligent Connected Vehicles Exhibition, Zhixin Xin was organized by the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Automobile Industry Branch and the strategic partner of this year’s auto show. The 2022 New Energy Trend Forum and the auto "NEV Smart New Plan" press conference was held at the Hainan International Convention Center.

  The forum brought together dozens of new energy brand executives, auto industry leaders, industry experts, media representatives, and hundreds of guests, including auto management personnel, to explore new energy vehicle digital marketing and user operations. The development of the new energy vehicle market under the current situation.

On the forum, Bitauto also released its own new energy content products and digital intelligence marketing solution-NEV Smart New Plan.

  In his keynote speech, Bitauto President Liu Xiaoke said that after several years of growth and development, China's new energy vehicle market is about to usher in explosive growth in 2022 and enter the mass consumer market stage.

At the same time, the growth rate of new energy vehicle users on Bitauto platform is much higher than the growth rate of auto market sales, and it is showing a sharp rise.

As a participant and promoter of the development of China's automobile industry, Bitauto is also actively thinking about what contribution it can make to new energy manufacturers and industries as a platform.

In the past year, Bitauto has been preparing for the layout and constantly improving its new energy-related products and marketing plans, and now has the ability to provide new energy manufacturers with full-link digital intelligent marketing services under the new situation.

Liu Xiaoke, President of Bitauto

  He pointed out that in order to better serve OEMs including new energy brands, Bitauto has accelerated its ecological integration with its controlling shareholder Tencent, and has gradually opened up the Tencent system and established an automotive vertical ecosystem. Bitauto includes content, model library, and distribution. The four core assets, including business library and vertical algorithms, are deeply integrated into Tencent's ecology. At the same time, Bitauto's subsequent user products and commercial products will be rebuilt around the automotive vertical ecology, which will greatly enhance Bitauto's empowerment and service to users and users. The capabilities of the host manufacturer.

  Liu Xiaoke believes that brand marketing, experience marketing and private domain marketing are the three major marketing topics for the new energy vehicle market in 2022, and Bitauto has targeted related products and solutions.

More than 200 new energy models will be launched in 2021, and this number is expected to exceed 250 in 2022. Therefore, brand marketing centered on the launch of new vehicles is a rigid demand for OEMs, and Bitauto’s global content ecology will be new energy vehicle brands. Construction plays an important value; according to the latest research data of Bitauto, 47% of new energy users value the offline real car experience during the car purchase process. Therefore, at the level of experience marketing, Bitauto has a wealth of experience marketing products. To meet consumers’ strong demands for experience, it also builds a bridge for new energy brands to communicate and market with target consumers. Unlike traditional fuel vehicles, new energy manufacturers have made innovative changes in channel construction, including direct sales and marketing. With more than 2,000 franchise stores, car buyers can place orders and pay at one-stop price in the manufacturer’s official App. Private domain operations have become the most important marketing measures for new energy manufacturers. In this regard, Bitauto is also trying Products such as Kelian provide private domain marketing services for new energy brands. In the future, it will also enrich private domain operating products and provide more extensive and more efficient services.

  In fact, behind the surging wave of new energy, new energy user groups, user consumption behaviors, and new energy marketing are all changing. In the digital and intelligent era, how to understand new energy consumer groups through digital means and how to build based on big data And AI's digital intelligence marketing system is an opportunity and challenge that new energy brands have to care about and face.

In this regard, Bitauto has also launched its own solution-the "NEV Smart New Plan", that is, through the mining and analysis of user behavior and data, to better grasp the needs of new energy users, and create value for users. Content, based on big data and AI, build a full-link marketing service system from attention to conversion and even transaction.

  Fan Chenjie, Assistant President and Head of Data Marketing Center of Bitauto, Wang Hongliang, Head and Assistant President of Bitauto User Product Center, and Zixi, General Manager of Bitauto Business Strategy Center, deconstructed from three levels: user analysis, product library system construction and marketing solutions. The "NEV Smart New Project" was established.

  Based on Bitauto big data, Fan Chenjie analyzed in detail the characteristics of new energy user groups, behavior characteristics, and clue changes, and specifically analyzed new energy user behavior paths, browsing habits, information type preferences, car model focus, etc., through in-depth insights into new energy User needs provide an effective reference for new energy vehicle companies to understand the frontiers of the market and users, and to make product and marketing decisions.

  According to Fan Chenjie, Bitauto big data shows that in 2021, nearly half of consumers will pay attention to new energy vehicles. The amount of retained capital has increased by more than 2 times year-on-year. The choice of energy vehicles is more entangled and requires continuous content guidance. In content attention, community/word-of-mouth marketing is very important; at the same time, data shows that new energy users will have a higher proportion of repurchase and additional purchases, and they will be more in car purchase choices. In addition to intelligence and energy saving, there will be more personalized demands. The diversification of brand labels is a relatively obvious trend, which will also put forward higher requirements for brand marketing.

Fan Chenjie, Assistant President of Bitauto, Head of Data Marketing Center

  Wang Hongliang shared with the guests the development of new energy vehicles on the Bitauto platform, the advantages and disadvantages of new energy, and specifically analyzed the behavior paths, browsing habits and car models focus of new energy users, and introduced Bitauto on the new energy product library. The construction and upgrading of the city.

  Wang Hongliang pointed out that new energy users mainly learn about new energy vehicle information through the automotive vertical media, and are more willing to obtain new energy alternative models through car selection tools and online shopping guide content. At different stages of car purchase, users have different concerns; at the same time in 2021 , Bitauto App’s sales leads for new energy vehicles increased 3.2 times.

In response to the development of the automobile industry and changes in user needs, Bitauto has also upgraded its new energy content product library, revised the new energy channel, created the first "Smart Cockpit" aggregate product page, and added "Owner Rights Module" and "OTA Module" content display pages , And improve the coverage rate of new energy vehicles measured, and improve the efficiency and experience of users purchasing new energy vehicles.

At the same time, it opened up the private domain of auto companies and the public domain community scenes of Bitauto, realized the spread and spread of high-quality content and active topics in the public domain simultaneously, as well as the amplification of KOC volume, and deepened the impact of product reputation and image.

Up to now, Bitauto has built a new energy content system that integrates selection and purchase. This year, it will also increase investment in the new energy product system, including content construction and traffic support.

Wang Hongliang, head of Bitauto User Product Center and Assistant President

  Zixi brought Bitche’s thinking on new energy brand marketing demands, as well as the exploration of the solution level, that is, focusing on connecting users, improving the scale and efficiency of connections, delivering brand product information across the domain, creating differentiated labels, and building brand influence. Enhance consumer awareness and promote transaction conversion.

  In this regard, Bitauto continues to focus on potential car buyers, builds a digital and intelligent integrated marketing engine composed of Bitauto’s cube and index platform, and gradually opens up the controlling shareholder Tencent system, establishes a vertical automotive ecology, and launches the transformation from influence to conversion. A wealth of marketing tools and products including content products, online interactive products, connected products, brand events, etc., for new energy car companies to carry out global accurate delivery and refined user operations, creating from attention to interest to intent, and then to Global and full-link marketing services for stores and transactions.

Zixi, general manager of Bitauto Business Strategy Center

  Over the past 20 years, Bitauto has been committed to connecting 5 million auto practitioners and 300 million car owners with high-quality products and services. Next, Bitauto will also become the key to users when making car purchase decisions in the era of rapid growth of new energy. Nodes, continue to play the value and role of industry "connectors".